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Purchasing & Procurement

Our Purchasing Team handles all matters related to global and domestic procurement, sourcing and purchasing. Working closely with our Executive Team, Inside & Outside Sales Teams and our Operations Teams to determine our customer’s product requirements. The Purchasing team defines and sets volume goals and reorder needs, performs market research, evaluates new sources of supply and products for various industries, negotiates with new and existing vendors, communicates with overseas offices to secure materials with diligent follow-up on all purchases.

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Supplier Relationship Management
As a company, each supporting department collaborates and reports details and feedback on all aspects of our products and customers, including technical detials and market intel through our internal systems. These best practices and the quality of information shared allows TRI to identify and secure business while communicating and reporting to partners. In turn we are able to communicate our needs, goals, and promises to our dedicated partners.

The fundamentals beind our communication and relationship management include, researching potential markets for TRI suppliers to identify target market(s) and utilize inside lead developers to qualify prospective customers for our outside sales force with the goal to increase volume and netback for TRI’s suppliers.

Our set of internal best practices ensures effective communication, reduces or and avoids future breakdowns and creates a mutually beneficial spoort relationship between TRI and it's dedicated partners.

Business Development

Our Inside Sales Group and Product Line Developers (AKA Business Development) are focused to identify, develop, and campaign new and existing product lines across numerous industries.  Throughout the entire campaign process we regularly communicate with qualified and prospective suppliers to meet to needs of our customers.

  • Research potential markets and product lines
    • Identify target market(s)
    • Utilize inside lead developers to qualify prospective customers
    • Increase volume and market share for supply partners
  • Communication and collaboration with supply partners
    • Contact targeted prospect suppliers and end-users
    • Track opportunities throughout entire process
    • Produce reports and summaries on campaign objectives and outcomes
    • Joint travel to industry events and account visits

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Supplier Verification Process

We do a thorough "audit" of all suppliers (i.e. personal visits, interviews and customer/supplier recommendations) to be sure we choose suppliers that will provide stability in quality and delivery.

GHS Regulation Updates
A responsible chemical distributor, we are following all GHS (Global Harmonization System) efforts and comply to all regulations. Updates and additions are needed to the labeling of all chemicals into the United States to standardize worker health concerns by the GHS (Global Harmonization System) standards. Click here for more details.

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