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Customer Service
Our Operations Team’s focus is the care of our accounts. As a TRI customer, you are assigned a single-point-of-contact Regional Customer Service Coordinator for all your ordering needs. Serving as the hub between our customers and suppliers, and our Sales and Purchasing Teams, each dedicated RCSC gets to know you and your business to effectively handle all your requests and requirements:

  • Serve as main point of contact for customers
  • Identify and anticipate needs
  • Problem solve for customers as issues arise
  • Communicate and follow-up on a regular basis
  • Handle all documentation requests
  • Process orders per customer specific requirements


Logistics and Operations
In addition to our focus on the customer service side of our business - TRI’s Operations Team maintains efficient, timely and economical supply, delivery of goods and inventory management throughout our global customer network and nationwide stocking points.

  • Consistent review of inventory positions and recommended reorder points
  • Maximizing freight cost from multiple sources and providing alternate routing solutions
  • Direct communication and instruction on dray, over-the-road, FTL and LTL freight carriers
  • Direct communication and instruction to warehouses for order fulfillment
  • In-house Import and Export Customs Clearance procedures and documentation management

This level of interaction behind-the-scenes opens the possibilities for improved value and stronger relationships with not only our customers, but our suppliers and service providers. In short, TRI’s relationships go beyond a transactional level.

In summary, our Regional Customer Service Coordinators work with each customer to identify their unique business needs and provide exception dedicated customer service.

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Major Stocking Points


Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Columbus, Ohio
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Houston, TX
Leduc, Alberta, CAN
Little Rock, AK
Los Angeles, CA
Newark, NJ
Norfolk, VA
Oakland, CA
Savannah, GA
Seattle, WA
Simpsonville, SC
Tampa, FL

Compliance & Regulatory Management:

Transportation & Carrier Audits

Our process for selecting carriers to transport our products and chemicals includes carrier safety fitness, regulatory compliance, and regular performance reviews. This could include any of the following transportation methods:

  • Highway / Over-the-road
  • Marine/ Ocean
  • Air

Carriers are selected based on their completion of the carrier security form, vendor recommendations and compliance with specific regulatory and financial requirements. Annually, the Responsible Distribution Coordinator contacts Carriers to collect information needed to conduct this records review.

Warehouse Audits

Our process for selecting and approving warehouses to store our products and chemicals includes regulatory compliance, worker safety and incident reviews, high standards for excellence and enforcement, and regular performance reviews.

Warehouses are selected based on their completion of our warehouse approval process annually, industry recommendations, and compliance with specific regulatory and financial requirements. Annually, the Responsible Distribution Coordinator contacts our warehouses to collect information needed to conduct an annual review and ensure that all warehouses meet the strict standards set forth by the Responsible Distribution program. TRInternational does the majority of its warehouse business with warehouses that have independently  received preferred designation from the Responsible Distribution program. 

DOT / OSHA Training

We test all applicable personnel on OSHA every year and DOT every 3 years as required by law.  OSHA/DOT training is conducted in house with the aide of an outside Compliance Company.  This year’s OSHA training included the new GHS standards and the time frame for completion of that regulation.  Training includes but not limited to 49 CFR, 21 CFR, 29 CFR.

Emergency Response – Responsible Distribution

TRI’s Emergency Response Plan
ERAP: Emergency Response Assistance Plan – Canada

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