Sample Program


We understand that quality is important for the success of your processes.
Our commitment to innovative and competitive sourcing solutions means we will often find new sources and products to supply your business, whch means that samples of our products may be need to be tested by your own methods to ensure quality.

Our sampling service gives you the opportunity to evaluate these products and be certain a product is what you need before you buy.

Samples of our products can be ordered by contacting our Sample Department directly. Each sample order will be reviewed by our the sample manager and account representative through our sample order approval process. You will recieve notification if any additional information is needed or advice that your sample in in progress. Upon shipment, you will also recieve confirmation with tracking details and documentation.

Contact us today for more information on our sample program.

Request a Sample from TRI

Please provide as much detail as possible for quicker processing time including, but not limited to:

- Product name, type/grade
- Ship to company name & address
- Ship to contact & phone number
- Application
- Expected volumes
- Expected testing timeline

Our standard sample is 0.5 - 1 kilogram in weight and all samples will be shipped with appropriate documentation, such as Specifications / Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets.

As a responsible chemical distributor, we take care and pride in the processing, packaging, and shipping of each sample request. We abide by all shipping rules and regulations for all substances we handle. Processing fees may be applied.



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