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Butyl Acrylate (141-32-2)

Butyl acrylate is a clear, colorless liquid wih a pungent odor. Butyl acrylate forms homopolymers and copolymers. Copolymers of butyl acrylate can be prepared with acrylic acid and its sald, amides, and esters. Uses: Is a useful feedstock for chemical syntheses.

• CAS: 141-32-2
• Empirical Formula: C7H12O2
• Packaged in drums and bulk
• Shelf Life: 1 Year (if stored correctly and kept in manufacturer seal package)
• Synonyms:  n-Butyl acrylate; Butyl prop-2-enoate; Butyl ester of acrylic acid; Butyl-2-propenoate; TBA; Acrylic acid b;1-butylacrylate; T-BUTYL ACRYLATE; acrylatedebutyle; BUTYL-2-ACRYLATE; Butyl propenoate; n-Butyl propenoate; Acrylic acid butyl

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