Welcome Brian J. Hill

TRI Welcomes Brian J. Hill as Director of Sales

September 28, 2012

TRInternational, Inc. (“TRI”) announces the addition of Brian J. Hill as TRI’s Director of Sales, effective July 30, 2012.

Brian joins TRI’s Seattle team as the company’s first Director of Sales. His primary focus is creating, delivering and implementing inside and outside sales strategies throughout the organization. He will work within each department to build communication, cohesion and to generate new business and opportunities.

Brian brings his unique background of 20 years of experience to the TRI Team, beginning his career with Sherwin Williams as a Sales Representative where he quickly paved the way to Product Sales Manager based on his growth in sales. He continued to enrich his industry experience and move into the role of Western North America Brand Manager where he developed effective technical and sales training courses and perfecting new distributor start-up models. Brian also brings 9 years of dedication from Deft, Inc. where he recreated and invigorated a new Product Division within a well-established company and worked closely with manufacturing, raw materials reduction and purchasing to increase efficiency and profitability.

Brian offers extensive experience to TRI but also leads a fulfilling life outside the office. He coaches and plays soccer and racing catamarans, surfing, mountain biking, taking his children exploring the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

TRI’s CEO/Owner, Anthony Ridnell says “Professional management in all departments is a key factor in taking our company to higher levels. We are counting on Brian to provide leadership in the sales/marketing arena, particularly as it relates to new business/product development."

For more information please contact TRI at +1(206)505-3500 or online at www.trichemical.com/contact.

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