TRI 15th Anniversary Celebration

Fox Hollow Farms, Issaquah, WA - August 14, 2009

Anthony Ridnell and Rowland Morgan celebrate 15 years of success with the staff of TRInternational.

Enjoy the pics below of our day at the beautiful Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah, WA.

TR and his son Harrison

Staff & family enjoying
good food and great

Rowland and TR showing off
the anniversary cake.

Happy 15th Anniversary TRI

Jeff welcomes all family and staff and thanks TR & Autumn for hosting the celebration

TR opening the first gift
a new TRI shirt for his

TR excited to receive
thisgift, see pic below

Jennifer cutting the cake

TR's 15th Anniversary gift from the TRI Staff: A chronology of TRInternational's success over 15 years. Click on the image to view the timeline details


Adam, Brian, Joe, Carlos, Jeff, TR, Autumn, Shondra, Rowland, Paris, Dave (Back row left to right),
Esther, Christina, Jill, Michelle, Kurt, Jennifer, Marjalena, and Sandy (front row, left to right)
Unable to attend: Rich, John, Kevin, Austin, Stacey and Waheeb


Autumn busy making
cotton candy


TR slams one in

Mar showing off her form on the court

Rowland's son goes long

TR giving us some more net action

TRI Bump Ball Competition begins

Bump ball getting

Our bump ball
championsbattle it out
at the net

View from the back of
the bump ball line

More bump ball battles

Team Ridnell showing off
the new TRI anniversary


Team Ridnell - TR & his son

TR enjoying a late night fire with staff


Thank you TR and Rowland for your 15 years of service and congrats on your success both professionally and personally. Here's to 15 more years with TRI!

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