How We Solve Customer Problems

It's all about relationships, experience, integrity and offering creative sourcingsolutions for TRI.

TRI's ability to source product rapidly and reliably grew out of problem solving. After helping a customer with a difficult request, Owner/CEO Anthony Ridnell knew there had to be other clients with similar needs. "I call it filling in the checkerboard. Once you do business with someone on a particular product, you should be able to sell the product somewhere else. You should also be able to sell additional products to that same customer. Additionally, an industry-wide reputation for integrity and creativity has resulted in a nice slate of exclusive agencies," says Ridnell.

As a full-line chemical distributor, TRI leverages a broad national distribution network and strong global logistics supply chain relationships to link customers with product. Our team boasts extensive product knowledge, industry experience and a proven track record in international trade. Renowned for offering creative sourcing solutions, we connect customers to highly specialized and difficult-to-find products. As a trader/distributor hybrid, TRI purchases bulk chemicals directly from producers and distributes them to end-users. On the trading side, we purchases low-cost chemicals from international producers and sell them domestically. In addition, TRI holds extensive inventory in stock and provides domestic and import sources from the majority of our product offerings.

Extracted from Supply Chain Digital's Corporate Profile - TRInternational, Inc: Their Chemical Romance

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